Moments of Grace





A majestic collection of work by master landscape photographer Koos van deer Lende has been expanded into a fine-art photographic tome, documenting a decade of intimate work in the natural splendor of the African wilderness.











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Cover Fine linen with debossed image
Weight 4,6kg
(without presentation pouch)


Paper stock 200gsm matt art paper
Weight 5,8kg
(with presentation pouch)





Presentation pouch 530mm x 290mm x 60mm


Book 505mm x 250mm x 40mm


The landscapes are exquisitely composed onto film, as Koos's methods follow the skills and discipline of traditional photography.
These epic images also serve as a historical recording of an untouched landscape, and as Africa starts to put more pressure on land resources, these wildernesses may be lost to us forever.

Koos immerses himself into the landscapes of remote areas for extended periods of time, to determine the best vantage points to express the beauty of all that surrounds him.
This meticulous technique puts the emphasis on the quality of the photograph rather than the quantity of shots in an area.
It also ensures very little post-processing is necessary, and the utmost care has been taken to match the prints with the original transparency.

The solitude experienced in these vast natural environments conveys a spiritual aspect which is an integral theme expressed in the ambience captured in these images.
Koos has expressed his wonderment and thankfulness to the Creator in these magnificent photographs of desolate coastline, rolling fields, harsh desert, imposing mountains, rivers and waterfalls, inviting us to glimpse into these moments of grace.

Limited to 1000 copies, and presented in a leather pouch, each edition is signed and numbered by the artist, making this book a sought-after collector's item.
The book's 258 pages include 125 full-colour and 12 duo-tone photographs, and the landscape format, combined with a luxurious heavily weighted paper gives the publication a strong physical presence.


My Journey

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It all began seven years ago when I was asked to act as a location scout for a big international production. Armed with my catalogue of about 500 panoramic images at that time (700 now after about 15 years of capturing the African landscape) we set out to scout the most incredible locations.

I fixed it in my mind that somehow, someday I would return to this area and photograph it. An emotional rollercoaster of awe and frustration lay ahead. Awe at seeing endless pristine landscapes and frustration in knowing that I had only 13 days access and there was another 700km of coastline ahead. Today I spend as much time as necessary at any potential site, I will usually allocate about 2 months to a trip with no amount of images in mind, but this was different, I had to abandon image after image in the hope of getting something better the next day. It is now 5 richly rewarding years later and I have no regrets over giving up a 20 year career in commercial photography.


Photographer, Artist, Purist

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Koos van der Lende
Photographer - Artist - Purist

When asked to summarise, in the briefest possible terms, his photographic excursions into the remote wilderness areas of Southern African, van der Lende does just that – he keeps it brief. “Twice a year for a minimum two months,”

“I am totally removed from the living world. I can spend weeks at a time without seeing a single person.” Partly it is by design, Van der Lende choosing to travel alone in his Toyota Land Cruiser. But then again, solitude – and the stillness that accompanies it – is an unavoidable part of the landscapes he has been returning to since 1977.



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Publication: PiX African Photo Journal
Edition: May/June 2005

As we journey through this life we are periodically blessed by something or somebody truly unique. I think my quota has been filled for a good while in the recent past by the people I met in Kenya and then coming back home to have the privilege of spending the day with Koos van der Lende. I first met this man when I was ten years old. Never knew him well, but knew of him, even then his aura of serenity left an indelible impression, just one of those things, some people make an impression. 20 Years later I find him a landscape master without peer.


Free Spirit

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Publication: Wheels 23
Edition: SA’s only motoring annual 2004
Article name: Free Spirit – Focus on Outlander
Article by: Philip van der Merwe

Landscape photographer extraordinaire, Koos van Der Lende, took the Mitsubishi Outlander away from the urban jungle and captured it cavorting in its natural habitat, the great outdoors. Koos van der Lende recently exchanged the well-paying world of commercial photography for an uncertain – but ultimately more satisfying – future in landscape photography. A deeply devoted Christian, he felt that the move to full-time panoramic nature photography would allow him to serve the Creator far more effectively that he could as a commercial photographer.